Prairie Winds Aikido

Eric Buchanan

Note: Beginners are always welcome and can start any time!  Just show up a little before class in sweats and a T-shirt if you don't have a gi (formal aikido attire).

Schedule and Fees
Tuesday, Thursday 6:30-8pm
Saturday 9-10am (weapons)
Saturday 10-11am (youth)

first class is free
Adults $30 per month
Students $20 per month

What is Aikido? 

AI: harmony (balance)
KI: energy (life)
DO: way (path)

The word "Aikido" literally translates as the way of harmonizing energy, or spirit.  Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba, now called O-Sensei.  Aikido stresses defending oneself by blending with and redirecting an attacker's energy to a peaceful outcome, making it a practical defensive art for anyone regardless of age or size.  Aikido teaches one to blend with any attack and lead the attacker to a point of imbalance, finishing with a throw or joint lock.

Why practice?
Everyone beginning aikido practice is motivated by a particular purpose or set of goals.  Among the most common are a desire to learn self-defense, develop physical fitness, or seek companionship.  Over time these initial goals take on a different meaning as one begins to experience the transforming effect aikido has on one's life.

Aikido offers a good workout while learning to coordinate the mind, body and spirit in relaxed movements that improve flexibility, sense of balance and the ability to deal with stressful situations.

Our Dojo
At Prairie Winds Aikido, we practice in a vigorous, but safe and friendly manner striving to embody the principles of aikido established by O-Sensei and as demonstrated by our Shihan (master), Rev. Zenko Okimura, 7th dan.  Prairie Winds Aikido was founded in 2008 and belongs to the World Aikido Aikikai Inc. (WAAI) family of dojos headed by Okimura Shihan.  All tests for rank are conducted by Okimura Shihan and are registered with the world headquarters of aikido at Hombu dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

Eric Buchanan is the chief instructor at Prairie Winds Aikido.  He has been practicing since 1993 and currently holds the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt).

Contact Information
Praire Winds Aikido
Eric Buchanan
(320) 589-1686

World Aikido Aikikai Inc. (WAAI)
667 Dawson Dr. Suite A
Newark, DE 19713
302-369-AIKI (2454)